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In 2002 Exact Tools introduced an innovative system for cutting and finishing metal, plastic and ventilation pipes. The exact pipe cutting system is revolutionising the efficiency of pipe cutting whilst at the same time increasing safety and working comfort, raising the bar for modern construction standards.

With the Exact pipe cutting system, pipe cutting is improved beyond comparison. The Exact pipe cutters complete the work in a fraction of the time taken using alternative methods. In addition, the quality of the finished cut is so clean and straight that normally no extra shaping or rework is required. The pipe cutters are light and easy to move so work can be carried out wherever it is needed.

When cutting metal pipes the Exact pipe cutters create virtually no sparks. As the cutting process is a cold cut, the cutting edge/surface does not heat up, avoiding as an example in the case of cast iron pipes the possibility of damage to the pipe or inside coating. This method is much safer for workers. It also means that the pipe can be cut at the point of installation without fear of fire hazards or damage to other building materials.

When using the Exact pipe cutting system no longer will you have to move heavy tools or pipes into all different positions. The pipe cutters require only a gentle, stable rotation. The light and comfortable system eliminates any risks to injury that come from the movement of heavy tools or difficult to use equipment. - major causes of physical injuries over the years.


It's a simple choice. Pipe cutting and finishing can be quick, safe and comfortable. Alternative cutting methods can be slow heavy and in the long term, detrimental to your health.


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