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Fiac Workhorse Air Compressors
Fiac Factory in Bologna, Italy.
Fiac Silver Inverter Compressor
Fiac UK Production
Digital Accura
Tanks ready for spraying.
Tundra Refrigerant Dryers
Fiac UK Production
Fiac Airblok 302
Fiac UK Production
Air Compressors, Spray Guns & Accessories

Wilkinson Star has been the sole UK distributor of products for leading Italian air compressor manufacturer Fiac since 1992. 


In our purpose built production facility in Manchester we offer UK assembly of belt driven piston compressors ranging from 2hp-10hp, each machine is individually tested and fully conforms to current EC regulations thus giving peace of mind to the customer.


In addition Fiac offer a wide range of Rotary screw compressors from 5.5hp-125hp, including integrated refrigerant dryers and inverter controlled models. 


Wilkinson Star also offers all the air accessories required to run off your compressor including vertical air receivers, paint spray equipment, air treatment products and air hoses, this coupled with an extensive selection of Air Tools from our Standard Power range make Wilkinson Star your one stop shop for all your compressed air needs.


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