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Spot Welding Column - Cable Suspended - Balancers
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Tecna Production

TECNA S.p.A., is based in Bologna Italy, it has been working in the field of resistance welding since the beginning of the ‘70s and has become an internationally renowned company specialised in the production of a vast range of spot and projection welding machines.


The modern production facility incorporates extensive testing areas alongside the research and development department and commercial offices.

Products range from small AC transformer machines in various configurations to large medium frequency welders, adaptive and digital welding control units, with microprocessor, ammeter, constant current and standard versions. 

In addition there are also test and measurement instruments for resistance welding machines and a huge range of balancers from 0.4to 180 Kgs.

TECNA develops all its products boasting a high level of quality which is recognised throughout the industries they serve, from car body repair to industry, including automotive industry to metal structural works.

Wilkinson Star staff have many years of experience in this field having partnered Tecna for more than 30 years providing reliable commercial solutions to resistance welding applications.


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