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Welding Inverters, Wires & Electrodes

To celebrate our founder and Chairman, Dr John A Wilkinson OBE’s 50 years in the welding industry, we were delighted to introduce our very own brand Weld Star in July, 2022.


Weld Star is our range of welding inverters, plasma cutters, consumables and welding related products for both home and European markets


In June 2022, we partnered with one of the largest producers of welding consumables in the world, manufacturing over 1.5 million tons of product each year and exporting to over 130 countries with products mainly used in the energy and power industries, pressure vessel, construction, bridges and ship building.


All our products conform to EN/ISO & AWS standards and classifications, following our ISO 9001 quality management system and TUV CPR certification.


Early spring 2023, we launched the Weld Star Infinium range of Welding Inverters and Plasma Cutting Systems supported by a 5 year warranty.


Newly added to this range is the Weld Star Max Photonics Laser Welding Systems.

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Welding & Cutting Inverters

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Wires For Mild Steel

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Wires For Mild And Low Alloy Steels

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