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Pro-Cut 1000 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

The Pro-Cut 1000 CNC plasma cutting table is an ideal solution for companies with a limited budget and space.


  • The 230V single phase Pro-Cut system offers autonomous cutting of metal at speeds up to 6000mm/min and has a cutting area of up to 1.25M x 1.25M.


  • The system is equipped with intuitive software pre-installed on a 15.6” laptop allowing designs to be created within minutes or alternatively DXF files can be imported.


  • The Pro-Cut table features items such as Water Tray, ‘No collision’ torch system, Electronic control unit with 2 axis or 3 axis drive stepper motors, a 15.6" Laptop with Pre-Installed software c/w Laptop stand which all come as standard.


  • The new Water table features Biologicut which is a non-toxic fluid that mixed with water helps to prevent Hot Spotting, Corrosion and Foaming with the added benefit that no external fume extraction is required.


  • The Pro-Cut 1000 Series Cutting table is offered in 4 table packages giving the customer flexibility that meets his needs and his budget.


  • For optimum cutting performance, we have partnered the Pro-Cut Table with the Jasic Inverter Plasma Cutting Machines. We offer a choice of 3 Jasic Plasma cutters JP-45P, JP-61 & the JP81 with a table cutting capacity of up to 20mm to ensure you get the right Plasma machine to suit your needs.



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